Welcome to the Rhoscolyn community website.  It has been developed to serve the local community of Rhoscolyn and Four Mile Bridge and its visitors.

We hope you will have a good look round  it.  We want it to promote the image of the area, and to help everyone to make the most of what it has to offer.  Rhoscolyn is a beautiful village, with fine sandy beaches and lovely countryside.  With its sheltered bay, Borth Wen, it is a great spot for families as well as for sailors, kayakers and walkers.  And the views from its two headlands are spectacular.  Its beautiful church, St Gwenfaen’s, sits proudly on the hill overlooking the village and the sea. The very popular White Eagle, which serves some of the best food on Anglesey, is on the lane down to the beach.

On this Rhoscolyn website you will also find some history and general background, including the facilities on offer locally, places to visit and things to see.

We aim to keep the information on the site up to date and to add to it;  please do send us your thoughts, ideas, suggestions.  And best of all, your contributions.  Such as stories and photographs for the News, Nature Watch and History pages, or your themed photographs for the Gallery.  There is a contact address in the footer.

The Gallery theme for this edition is HAPPINESS – see all the contributions on the Gallery. This one is from Jo Jones, to make you smile! And there is a joyous verse in the sidebar.














And another from Yvonne Jones of her son, Antony:








November’s Gallery theme is going to be REFLECTIONS.  Any interpretation of that – mirror reflections, thoughts, thoughtful, animal, vegetable, human. Nick Jones’s picture of his Collie, Bobby (see sidebar on the right) might give you some inspiration! Send your entries, as ever, to information@rhoscolyn.com,  marking you email September 2016 Gallery – Reflections and send your photographs as Jpgs only please.  (if you don’t know how to save as jpgs, there are some guidelines on the Gallery page).

With thanks to Ian Duncan for forwarding this:

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are camping. Sherlock wakes Watson in the middle of the night and asks him, “What do you see and what do you conclude?”
“I see stars and a moon. From these I can conclude that we are on a planet that is orbiting a star that is part of a Galaxy.” Said Watson.
Sherlock Holmes says, “I conclude that someone stole our tent.”

Diolch.  AW