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NCI Update – Mike Shaw

Gerrit Forrester

And now, for something comletely different, one taken from watchkeeper David Tarry’s drone.  It clearly shows the new roof and solar panels, the latter flat to the roof and therefore less susceptible to damage in hight winds:

In the past year a rather repetitive monthly pattern has emerged – no major dramas at sea, but plenty going on ashore. August this year has been no exception.

At sea there have been several interesting, but relatively minor, incidents. On Thursday 9th August, for instance, our midweek watch keeper, Wes Johnson, heard a mayday message from a vessel called Boris (honest!), requesting immediate assistance as the vessel’s engine had broken down while close to Rhoscolyn Beacon. Wes confirmed to Holyhead Coastguard that he had the stricken vessel visual and offered assistance by conning the Trearddur Bay lifeboat onto the casualty. After a remarkably short time the lifeboat arrived on scene and Boris was taken under tow to Trearddur Bay.

Later in the month, on Wednesday 15th August, Wes was again amongst the action when he heard a transmission on his VHF radio in which Holyhead Coastguard was paging the Rhosneigr Cliff Rescue Team asking them to attend to a report of five children in trouble off Rhosneigr’s main beach. With children potentially involved the local search and rescue organization takes no chances and very soon the Trearddur Bay lifeboat and the coastguard helicopter (which happened to be exercising in the Holyhead area at the time) had been tasked to attend. However, before either of them could reach the scene the children were reported to be safely ashore.

And in the most recent incident a rather nice cabin cruiser somehow capsized off Rhoscolyn Head. The partially-submerged vessel was reported to Holyhead Coastguard by two passing kayakers; the cabin cruiser’s crew apparently swam ashore and some dramatic pictures of the stricken vessel were taken by Tiggy Black:

Ashore there has been considerable activity, mostly to do with fund-raising and what one might call public relations – see the side margin.