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Artist of the month – Catrin Griffiths

Catrin Griffiths is a designer maker based in Caernarfon, where she currently lives and works from her studio at home.

Growing up surrounded by slate and aware of the industry’s important to the cultural fabric of the area, the enthusiasm of showcasing Welsh talents and skills to a wider audience became an ambition of hers, while studying at the Manchester School of Art.



Using Welsh Slate as the basis for her work was the most obvious and fortunate choice of material to use.  With its world-renowned quality, longevity and industrial status, it was enough to intrigue and entice her to explore its potential for the foreseeable future.

Having explored various materials and processes, Catrin currently works with a combination of Welsh slate and ceramic, using an industrial process called slip casting, although the process is adopted on a much smaller hand finished scale, working from her studio!

Catrin’s work to date has been exhibited at events such as the London Design Festival and has featured in Wallpaper magazine, and nearer to home she has been in various exhibitions across Wales

She is always looking to gain a different angle to her work, learning new skills and perfecting her practice.

In 2014, this led her to partake in Project Network, a residency for international makers, allowing them to work and create alongside one and other, at the International Ceramics Research Centre in Denmark.  She took this time to refine making skills, whilst exploring new contemporary 3D printing technology.

If you would like to learn more, a selection of Catrin’s work is currently on view at Oriel Ysbyty Gwynedd (until September 2017).  Below are web links to further images and videos about Catrin’s work.  She is also hosting some family workshops during the Summer and will be hosting further workshops  monthly throughout the current year – details of these can be found in the following web links where you will also find more about Catrin and her work:
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