A pet’s tale – Casper Ross

We first saw Casper on the Pet Page last month, being carried to the car to be taken home – here his mum, Julie, tells his story:

We had a new member of our family join us at the end of August last year, in the form of a black and white English Pointer.  For those of you who know the breed will know they look intelligent and regal, because of this he received the name of Casper after one of the wise men/kings.  Little did we realise how apt this name would be.

On collecting him and bringing him home in the car, the back seat was position of choice.

On visiting a pub, a fleece or bed must come too as lying on the cold flag stones just isn’t going to happen. A bed in every room is required as a carpeted floor is just too hard.

During the winter months lying on any of his beds is great but he shivers until a fleece blanket is put over him, he then feels cosy and warm.

The ideal place to sleep is on the sofa, it doesn’t matter if someone else is on it already, he just lies on top!

 Pet Tales & Photographs

We love getting our pet tales . Some of the best, by the way, have been by children, so why not get yours to write about their own pet? Or even let your pet tell its own tale!

You can write it any way you like, but a useful  format is to write a short introduction then give us the story under the headings – likes, dislikes, finest hour and ambition.  And send it in with photographs to support it.  Or if you pet has had an adventure, let us know about that too. Use the address in the footer.

And just a photograph of your pet with brief details about it – name, breed, age etc is always welcome tool