Pet Tales

Barney Rubble Shaw’s own Pet Tale

Hello everybody. My name’s Barney Rubble and I’m a Teckel Hound. I live in Four Mile Bridge with my mum and dad, Lel and Mike Shaw, and my two sisters Dotty (an aptly-named Patterdale Terrier who is a footy freak) and Daisy (a misnamed Labrador who’s a bit simple and should perhaps have been called Dozy).

What on earth is a Teckel? I hear you ask. Well, in Germany all dachshunds are called Teckels and have been for years, but in this country an effort has been made over many doggy generations to breed dachshunds with shorter backs and slightly longer legs, the former to cut down on the incidence of back problems, the latter to improve clearance and speed over the ground when hunting. So I’m one of the smart new English jobs – and just to be clear, I’m what’s called a miniature wire-haired Teckel. And like all English Teckels I have a lovely beard, a fine head of hair and slightly turny-outy Queen Anne front legs. All-in-all a pretty cute bundle.

My Likes:

I like the shortened version of my name. My breeder had a thing about the Flintstones so my doggy mum was called Wilma and my doggy dad was, almost inevitably, Fred. By the time my human mum bought me, nearly seven years ago, I had already been named Barney Rubble – they kept the name but I like just Barney best of all.

I adore sunbathing, in the garden in summer when it’s warm outside, and in patches of sunlight coming through the window in the winter when I find it best to stay indoors. I also like trips to the beach (at any time of year), Iams dog food, stuffed bones a la Stermat, boiled eggs and reading the Daily Telegraph with Abby, my human niece. You may have seen a picture of us doing this in last month’s edition of the Rhoscolyn Newsletter, which, incidentally, I also like to read. Especially the Pets Tale page. There are some seriously whacky animals in Rhoscolyn…

My dislikes:

Let me see; I really dislike having my toenails cut. The vet’s nurse was a bit heavy-handed last week and I gave a well-merited yelp when she cut one nail too short and then rushed around making a guilt-induced fuss of me saying ‘sorry Barney’ and ‘what a good boy you are Barney’ as I almost bled to death on the table.

Though I like going to the beach I’m not very fond of sandy beaches when the wind’s blowing. I’m a low-slung, ground hugging sort of dog and drifting sand gets in my eyes leading next morning to big sandy ‘weepies’ forming on my cheeks. Mind you, that’s not as bad as helping my dad setting aiming posts into the ground on some of the fairways at Anglesey golf course. He dug a hole, placed a tube into it and then emptied a bag of pre-mixed sand and cement into the hole while I stood downwind peering over the edge. I’m a bit nosy like that. Anyway, I got a face full of cement dust and next morning we had a bit of trouble getting the weepies off my cheeks as they were set solid.

My biggest hate, however, is snow – not that we get much of that on Anglesey, thank goodness. That said, we hadn’t lived here long when we had a foot of snow in the garden. The winter of 2013 I believe. The snow was deeper than my legs are long, so it was a bit problematical just walking in the garden, and cocking my little leg was a nightmare!

My finest hour:

Well, I was once the star in an illustrated children’s book called ‘Barney Goes to the Beach’. In it I met a rather scary crab who lived in a rock pool.  He turned out to be pretty friendly but sadly it turned out he could only speak a language called Bubbles. Or course, I can only speak Woof (though I understand a few words of English) so the friendship was a short one. I dug a pretty good sand castle though. Oh, and I caught a fish.

My ambition:

Simple; I’m a little dog who would dearly love to be a big one! On the other hand, being small and cute does have its compensations – especially where my black and white Jack Russell girlfriend Poppy is concerned. She lives in Rhosneigr, and now I come to think of it I have ambitions for her as well!



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