Pet Tales

YOUR pet picture or pet tale could appear here.  We are looking for Pet Tales, along with any pictures of your pets.  So do send them in.

A useful format for the tale is to write it under the headings  – likes, dislikes, finest hour and ambition.  And send it in with photographs to support it.  Or if you pet has had an adventure, let us know about that too. Or if you don’t feel you can run with a whole Pet Tale, just send us a photograph of your pet with brief details about it – name, breed, age etc.

A contortionist cat!

With thanks to Leslie Duncan for this picture

Cats may have nine lives, but dogs have the sense of humour!

Researchers have found that dogs are not just brighter than cats, but may also have evolved a sense of humour!  Controversial with pet owners (looking at our four cats and four dogs we would say it was a bit of a mixed bag, both in terms of sense of humour and intelligence.  Cocky the cockatoo is probably brighter and funnier than all of them put together!).

Anyway, scientists have found that dogs have about 500m cells in the cerebral cortex – the area concerned with cognition – which is double the number in domestic cats, apparently suggesting they were far brighter.  Humans it seems have about 21b of these cells.

Professor Marc Bekoff, an evolutionary biologist and author of Canine Confidential, a new book on animal behaviour, believes that having a sense of humour suggests dogs have a “theory of mind”; “It suggests they know that what they do affects the emotions of others.”