Pet Tales

Aggie the donkey

Aggie came to Wales by mistake – she was born and brought up in Ireland and was shipped over to a horse breeder in Anglesey with a lorryload of ponies.  The dealer said if they were taken back so would the ponies ordered for breeding. She arrived with her boy foal, who was barely old enough to be separated from her but nevertheless was – he went before we knew about him and Aggie, to somebody who lived in Ty Croes.

We fell for Aggie and brought her to live with Tommy and Tintin our already resident donkeys.  She settled down well but much to our surprise  12 month later we were woken early one morning by a lot of braying and there was Aggie with a little white foal,  another girl.  Here they both are when  Izzie –  which is what we called her – was just a few hours old.

Then, eighteen months later, we got a call from the builder who had taken Aggie’s earlier foal to Ty Croes.  He said he couldn’t keep him any longer, so could we take him on.  We really didn’t want another donkey – especially a big boy, called Donkey, the name he had been given. But how could we refuse? He was  ‘family’.  At first he and the other boys had a few set to’s – after all, Tommy in particular was used to being The alpha male – top donkey. But eventually they all settled down. One big happy family, but sadly this wasnt to last and we lost Scionci (we decided the Welsh name was rather better than Donkey) in a tragic accident some six months’ later.

Aggie’s Likes: Carrots, apples, haylage – more or less anything to eat.

Aggie’s Dislike: Having sun screen put on her nose when it is sunny and when buttercups are in bloom (note: buttercups are poisonous to white nosed grazing animals. Aggie and Izzie both suffer from buttercup nose).

Aggies ambition: To give donkey rides on the beach.

Aggie’ finest hour:  Having baby Izzie of course!

Left to right: Izzie, Aggie, Tommy and Tintin