A clowder* of cats!

Barbara Hughes has send us pictures and the stories of her menagerie of six cats and one dog.  All rescued – she and her husband, John,  really are quite remarkable in their capacity to find and rescue unwanted pets!  Here she tells us all about them:

Wendy is our darling little old cat, in her eighteenth year and a real creaking gate! She came to us via a good friend who rescued her from the Oswestry area in 2000. She was very timid to begin with but soon became a permanent fixture on my knee as soon as I sat down. She has skin problems and is a regular at the vets for her steroid injections. She is now quite deaf and getting a little confused but is such a little sweetheart.

Beti was dumped outside the door at my vets about twelve years ago around Christmas time. I had recently had to have Monty (another stray cat) put to sleep because of kidney failure so the receptionist at the vets telephoned me in work to ask if I would take her. After much humming and hawing we finally agreed and Beti, a little black ball of fluff came to live with us in January. She is still fluffy but quite unpredictable – cuddly and purry one minute, growling and hissing the next but we love her.

Sylvie was born along with five brothers and sisters to a stray cat in a friend’s stable. I agreed to have the kitten nobody wanted – Charley who turned out to be a wonderful little cat, black and white with a Charlie Chaplin moustache. Sylvie was supposed to be going to live with the friend’s family but it didn’t happen. She was living a lonely life in the tackroom at the stables so cutting a long story short she came to live with us and although timid at first, the little tortoiseshell soon bonded with her sister Charley and they became inseparable. Sadly, Charley disappeared one day along with outside stray cat Darren who lived in our shed and despite extensive searching we never found Charley or Darren. Sylvie was a bit lost for a while without Charley but is now such a sweet natured and loving little soul.

Bramble (left below). Another black cat found as an abandoned kitten by my husband, in the brambles in the field opposite our house while I was away visiting family in Cardiff. A little black furry surprise awaited me on my return and although John told me she was too timid and frightened to touch, I had her cuddled up on my knee and purring in no time. She is a happy little cat, always has a lot to say for herself and seems to get on with all the other cats.
And ANOTHER black puss is Macsen (the devil’s spawn). Rescued (again by my husband – he only has himself to blame!) from undergrowth at the top of the lane, a tiny abandoned and very frightened black kitten. We didn’t know how big he was going to grow or that he would become the cat from hell. When I took him to be neutered at six months, the vet remarked on what a big kitten he was. He hadn’t finished growing! He gets on reasonably well with the two other black cats, Beti and Bramble but has taken a real dislike to Wendy, Sylvie and Moriarty. All is peace when he is sleeping but I have to have my wits about me when he is prowling about to rescue any cat he may decide to attack. He can be quite affectionate when the mood takes him but he is so unpredictable – he can be purring down your ear one minute and biting your face the next! I still love him.

Moriarty, a beautiful ginger boy who just arrived one day with his very timid brother. Despite me not feeding him much he had clearly decided to stay and accompanied us when we took Vinnie for walks! He was obviously not going anywhere unlike his brother who had disappeared so it was a trip to the vets to have him neutered and chipped. He is very affectionate with humans but is naughty with the female cats and chases them. Poor old Wendy is deaf now and a bit confused so when a big ginger cat chases her she squeals for help, bless her.