Is it a cat?   Or is it a crow?

You have probably seen this picture – if not in a newspaper, then on Twitter where it has apparently received a huge amount of coverage.

It is, by the way, a cat with its head tilted.

And this, believe it or not, is a dog – Caspar’s Bob!

And to prove it, here he is again.  With a scarf on and looking rather like somebody with their sunglasses dropped down their nose (good shiny eyes and nose!).  One very stylish dog is Bob:


Pet Tales

You can write your Pets Tale any way you like, but a useful  format is to write a short introduction then give us the story under the headings – likes, dislikes, finest hour and ambition.  And send it in with photographs to support it.  Or if you pet has had an adventure, let us know about that too. Use the address in the footer.  And add some photographs of course.

Or if you don’t feel you can run with a whole Pet Tale, just send us a photograph of your pet with brief details about it – name, breed, age etc.