The Rhoscolyn feline family

Last month we related Piano’s tale. The little black and white kitten who arrived with us one snowy day in March.  We mentioned his brother, Kitty (seen on the left here, with Piano on the right), who arrived at the same time at Ty Lon, just two fields away as the crow flies – or kitten runs.


Kitty had a rather easier time of it with the O’Brien household, in that he only had one very friendly resident dog, Dash, to contend with, whilst Piano had to face down the three already resident cats who were by no means welcoming, and four dogs, one of which, Blodwen, knows that cats are just there to be chased!  But both kittens were very resilient and have grown up in their new homes. Kitty is supposed to be an outside cat, with a wonderful home cushioned and waterproof house provided:


But of course, like Piano, he has infiltrated his new home!  Here he is with his new dad, Peter O’Brien and Dash.

Meet Idris – part of the Rhoscolyn feline family – probably!

There is more to this story of two cute kittens just turning up.  To start with, we have seen around our garden and field a big ginger cat, just watching us (not Idris!) and Piano in particular, we think;  whilst Sue and Peter  have seen a big browny/black cat lurking round their home and on occasion going for Kitty.   We have also seen a black and white cat on the lane between Pentre Iago and Haulfryn; and, surprise surprise, Susan and Fenton Hanbury of Haulfryn, have a handsome ginger boy, Idris (see above) – who came they think from a local farm; but like Kitty and Piano, he just turned up one day – look at him now!