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A useful format for the pet tale is to write it under the headings  – likes, dislikes, finest hour and ambition.  And send it in with photographs to support it.  Or if you pet has had an adventure, let us know about that too. Or if you don’t feel you can run with a whole Pet Tale, just send us a photograph of your pet with brief details about it – name, breed, age etc.

Grumpy cat – grumpy owner!

It has long been said that dog owners tend to resemble their pets, or vice versa, but cats have always been assumed to be more independent! But scientists have now discovered that if your cat is a nightmare, it is because you might be too!

The research from Lincoln University’s animal behaviour clinic, suggests felines are strongly affected by the people they live with.  Which is, of couse, why all our four are little angels!


Caro’s Pippa looks rather playful ……!