YOUR pet picture or pet tale could appear here.  We love getting your Pet Tales so do send them in.  Or if you prefer, just send in a picture of your own much loved pets (and we all love our pets, don’s we?).

Here is a good example which we published a few years back – you might find the headings that have been used for Holly’s tale make a useful format  – likes, dislikes, finest hour and ambition.  Or if you pet has had an adventure, let us know about that too.

Holly – a very special dog!

This amazing little dog is called Holly and has been completely blind for much of her life.  As you can probably tell she is a Jack Russell Terrier.  She has the kindest personality but a movie star’s attitude and she is very skilled in getting her own way.

Holly’s Likes

Holly loves walking along the headland with her devoted mother and best friend Sheila Knowles. Although Holly is blind she knows her way around the cliffs like she knows the back of her paw. Holly is very social and has many fans around the island so she loves going up to the lookout to try to locate people’s lunch.

Holly’s Dislikes

None of the family know why but Holly thoroughly dislikes it when Sheila starts coughing and has to either leave the room or sit by the door.

Holly’s Finest Hour

Holly has done many brilliant things but her people find this story one of her bravest acions – protecting her friend from attack:

Holly was walking along Scammonden Moor in West Yorkshire with her dear friend Millie the excitable springer spaniel when two large and aggresive dogs came to attack Millie. Holly intervened and stood her ground and barked them away. For such a small dog this was such a brave and amazing thing to do.

Holly’s Ambition

For Holly being such an adventurous dog means she wants to achieve many things in life but in particular she wants to spend as much time walking around Rhoscolyn with all of her friends and family as possible.