Your pets

Thanks to everyone who sent in their pets’ pictures – here we have  selection:

First we have Smartie (left) and Crunchie, Jo Jones’ guineapigs:
Two and a half year brothers, they roam a vast (in guineapig terms) area which includes a Pigotel made out of fish boxes and lots of toys, including an 8ft long grey pipe.

Miniature dachshund, Reggie with mum, Emma Jones. 

Two cats photographed by Jo:

An unknown, shy puss (left) and Jo’s mum, Rachel’s Top Cat, a stray which she adopted (or was it the other way round?).  Once all skin and bones, he now weighs in at over a stone!  He loves sleeping on top of the cooker (when switched off!).

Truffles –  Elizabeth Janet Caldwell Sykes beautiful cat.

Caspar Verney’s Bob, going incognito – and on the right, not so modest!