Sometimes the gallery takes a little while to load.  Be patient!

This month’s theme is STORM – a good one it seems as we had a lot of great shots of some of the winter storms we, and others, have been encountering.  Her we had just ONE pictures for the Sleep theme (were you all hibernating?) we are giving over the Gallery to some of your lovely Rhoscolyn and Four Mile Bridge pictures that didn’t quite make it to the calendar – and it was a very difficult choice, as you will see from some of those shown here.

While you wait for the Gallery to load, here are a couple of “after the storm rainbows”:

Ibiza – Leslie Duncan
Over the Great Orme – Gerrit Forrester

Awaiting the storm, by Caspar Verney:

And now for the December Gallery:

  • gathering sstormCaro
    Gathering Storm - Caro Wilson
  • storm3Caro
    Rhoscolyn Stormy Sea - Caro Wilson
  • after the storm Caro
    After the Storm - Caro Wilson
  • Caspar2
    Caspar Verney
  • After the storm – Leslie
    After the Storm - Leslie Duncan
  • My beautiful picture
    Storm flood in Llandudny - Gerrit Forrester
  • IMG_2525 caro
    After Storm Vera in Rhoscolyn - Caro Wilson
  • storm Henry Rhoscolyn – 1 – Rachel D
    Rachel Darwazeh
  • Caspar3
    Caspar Verney
  • storm Isle of Sheppey – 1 Rachel D
    Sotrm over Isle of Sheppey - Rachel Darwazeh
  • storm2 Caro
  • storm1 Caro
    Rhoscolyn Storm Flood - Caro Wilson
  • Caspar5
    Snow Storm - Caspar Verney
  • storm Rhoscolyn – 1Rachel D
    Storm over Rhoscolyn - Rachel Darwazeh

The next update will be January for which the Gallery theme is, topically, CHRISTMAS shouldn’t be too difficult!  Please make your pictures landscape, horizontal, or even square. Portrait shape is very difficult to manage on the gallery as the  top or bottom tends to get cropped.

Always save as jpgs please and mark you email “December Gallery – Christmas”.

Saving as jpgs:

You should be able to do this as you save your photographs from your camera to your computer photograph files.  But if not, there are several free on line programmes that can do it for you.  Or you can use a very useful (free) programme called Gimp.  And another, called Paint, can do all sorts of other useful things with your pictures, like adapting the colour, shape, size.

What we cannot use is photographs that are embedded in the body copy of your email.

Naming your photographs:

This is easy too.  When you have your jpg ready, before you pick it up to send, right click on it and you should find an option to “rename” – type over what is there your name and picture subject.