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While you wait for the Gallery to load, here are some pictures taken from this month’s “Music” themed Gallery contributions:

This, of his guitar is by Joe Hanbury:

This of kettle drums is from Caro Wilson:

And this (below), of the Sing for St Gwenfaen’s choir, led by Teresa Verney.  Nearly 50 people joined together in July 2014 for the ‘Access for All’ concert in St Gwenfaen’s church following a day’s tuition by Teresa.  The event kicked off fundraising for the building of an access ramp and new steps for which Planning Permission and Church approval (local and parish) had been obtained.  Quotes for the work had also been obtained, and funding for the project was well in hand, with generous local support and grants in the pipeline, including a substantial amount from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

By rights, the project would now be complete, had the Church not, in its infinite wisdom, changed its mind and pulled the plug. It was a simple but beautiful design, incorporating a Wall of Memories which added to the historic value of St Gwenfaen.  The wall,  would have commemorated the people who worshiped there, been married, christened or buried there.  Or simply just loved St Gwenfaen’s. Many pledges had been committed, which would have made a substantial contribution to the cost, whilst giving its supporters a sense of pride and ownership.

Access for All would not only have provided safe and easier access for the infirm, young and aged, but also a fitting processional route for events such as weddings, funerals and other ceremonies and a welcome for people who just wanted to visit our lovely church and graveyard.  The project received a considerable amount of support and approval from local people, and people who love Rhoscolyn and St Gwenfaen’s.

The planning permission, by the way, is still valid, and will run until 24th September 2018.

Now the Gallery:

This one features more of your “music” pictures – thanks to everyone who has contributed.

  • Brass music
    Brass music - Caro Wilson
  • L1000389
    Music of rippling waves 1 - Ian Walker
  • Behram playing the santoor. Leslie
    Behram playing the santoor - Leslie Duncan
  • gilad atzmon – 1
    Glad Atzmon - Rachel Darwazeh
  • L1000166
    Blackbird singing - not dead of night! - Ian Walker
  • Huntcliff_Ring
    Huntcliff (musical) ring - David Walker
  • Music conductor
    Music conductor - Caro Wilson
  • piano player – 1
    Piano Player - Rachel Darwazeh
  • Timpany
    Tymphany - Caro Wilson
  • DJ at a wedding in Ibiza – Leslie
    DJ at a wedding in Ibiza - Leslie Duncan
  • JDGeary-musical – bells, xylophone, musical script
    Musical bells, xylophone or sheet music - John David Geary
  • L1000186
    Another blackbird - Ian Walker
  • IMG_0589
    They all sang for St Gwenfaen's
  • P1160556
    Well it could be singing! - Jo Jones
  • Udaipur2
    Udaipur - Leslie Duncan
  • L1000404
    Music of rippling waves 2 - Ian Walker

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