Sometimes the gallery takes a little while to load.  Be patient!

While you wait for the Gallery to load, here is a lovely summery one by Caro Wilson, taken from this month’s “Relaxed” themed Gallery contributions:

And one from Alison Shadbolt:

See all the pets relaxing on the Pet Tales page.

And now for the Gallery:

This one features more of your “Relaxing” pictures – thanks to everyone who has contributed.


  • Caro
    Caro Wilson
  • Caspar relaxing
    Caspar Verney - is i t him?
  • cLARE
    Clare Venner
  • Caspar4
    Cspar Verney
  • CIMG1361 -Leslie
    Leslie Duncan
  • Gordon
    Alison Walker
  • IMG_1025 – Liz East
    Liz East
  • Sam and Peter,relaxing at the Brickworks.taken by Alison Shadbolt
    Alison Shadbolt
  • Caro (2)
    Caro Wilson
  • Caspar3
    Caspar Verney
  • Sssshhhh I am sleeping taken by Alison Shadbolt
    Alison Shadbolt


The next update will be September, when the Gallery theme is ACTION OR ACTIVITY (quite the opposite of this month’s!.) Any interpretation or representation you like for that subject. The more creative the better.  If at all possible, please make your pictures horizontal, or even square.  Portrait shape is very difficult to manage on the gallery and as you will see, top or bottom tends to get cropped.

Always save as jpgs please and mark you email “September Relaxation Gallery”.

Saving as jpgs:

You should be able to do this as you save your photographs from your camera to your computer photograph files.  But if not, there are several free on line programmes that can do it for you.  Or you can use a very useful (free) programme called Gimp.  And another, called Paint, can do all sorts of other useful things with your pictures, like adapting the colour, shape, size.

What we cannot use is photographs that are embedded in the body copy of your email.

Naming your photographs:

This is easy too.  When you have your jpg ready, before you pick it up to send, right click on it and you should find an option to “rename” – type over what is there your name and picture subject.