Lost & Found

If you have found something that has been dropped in or around Rhoscolyn, let us know and we will put it on here (with a photograph, description and a note of where it ws found) and let people know they can look on the page if they have lost something.

Or if YOU have lost something, we can put that on too. Just send details, with a picture if possible.

Send your lost and found details in to information@rhoscolyn.com, marking your email: For Website Lost & Found.



Caro found this notebook  at  Bae Seintiau (Saints Bay) in early Decembe, she think it is probably a kayaker’s waterproof notebook used to record tide times, weather, manoevers and destinations. Although difficult to read there are some interesting lists of items and memos inside.  She asks if anyone has lost it??

If it yours, contact us on the address in the foote and we will pass your detgails on to Caro.