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This large ship that was anchored off Rhoscolyn overnight is a Trinity House vessel, dealing with marker buoys at sea for hazards, shipping lanes and other such things – Caro

Rhoscolyn Community Council

We asked our Community Council member, Susan Hanbury, if we might have a column on the website about the Council – what it does, who is on it, how it can help with any issues etc.  She in turn raised this at a meeting, and the Council Clerk, Myfyr Roberts, wrote us the letter, below.  His handwriting is so beautiful that at first we thought he had used a word processor with a special script.  But no, it really is written by hand.  So we thought it should be reproduced in full here.

Just case you can’t quite read it all, as the reproduction here is not as good as the real thing, the points Myfyr is making are:

The main purpose/duty of the Council is to look after the well being of the people of
Rhoscolyn and Four Mile Bridge and to convey to the appropriate authority anything that needs attention in the parish. And this goes for anyone who pays Council Tax, as it is from this that the Community Council is funded.

There is a website – – which carries minutes of meetings, in Welsh as that is the language proceedings are conducted in.  But there is a summary in English of what has been discussed and agreed at the meetings on the website

On the website you will also find Myfyr’s contact details and a list of councillors. Our local Rhoscolyn councillor is Susan Hanbury, who many of you will know – not least for the contribution she used to make to this website when she was Head of Rhoscolyn School (something we sadly miss).  So if you do have a question or complaint to rase either she or Myfyr will look into it for you – as indeed will any of the other Councillors listed if you know them better.

I understand that anyone in the community can attend the meetings, dates for which are posted on the website and, I believe, on the notice board in Four Mile Bridge.  But be aware, as noted by Myfyr the proceedings are conducted in Welsh so if you do not speak the language, best not to go!  However, if you do put an enquiry in in English, this is the language in which it will be replied to.

Message from Rhun Ap Iorworth, AM

Superfast Broadband
Thanks to everyone who contacted me on facebook or through my office about broadband. I had the opportunity to ask the Welsh Government questions about the successor programme to Superfast Cymru, on behalf of communities in Anglesey who are still waiting for a fast broadband connection, including areas such as Rhoscolyn. I asked for those areas that lost out as part of the original programme to have priority under the new project. I have also invited the Minister to Anglesey to see the situation for herself, so please share your experiences so that I can paint her a picture of the situation here on Anglesey.

Band Eang Cyflym
Diolch i bawb wnaeth gysylltu gyda fy swyddfa neu ar facebook yngl?n â band eang. Cefais gyfle i holi cwestiynau i Llywodraeth Cymru yn ddiweddar am y prosiect a fydd yn olynu Cyflymu Cymru, ar ran cymunedau ym Môn sydd yn dal i ddisgwyl am gysylltiad band eang cyflym, gan gynnwys ardaloedd fel Rhoscolyn.  Gofynnais am i’r ardaloedd hynny a gollodd allan ar y cynllun gwreiddiol i gael blaenoriaeth o dan y prosiect newydd.  Rydw i hefyd wedi gwahodd y Gweinidog i Ynys Môn i gael gweld y sefyllfa dros ei hunan, felly cysylltwch gyda’ch profiadau er mwyn i mi allu eu rhannu hefo hi.

Cyclists for Air Ambulance

Congratulations to Meurig Roberts, Dave Roberts, Iolo Roberts, Selwyn Hughes and Thomas Charles Williams, on their epic cycle ride from Holyhead to Cardiff Bay recently, to raise money for Air Ambulance Wales*.  Having done the journey myself on a bike in the past, I’m aware of every hill they had to climb on the way, and sympathise!

Beicwyr y Bont
Llongyfarchiadau mawr i Meurig Roberts, Dave Roberts, Iolo Roberts, Selwyn Hughes a Thomas Charles Williams, a deithiodd yr holl ffordd o Gaergybi i Gaerdydd ar eu beiciau er mwyn codi arian i Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru*.  Rydw i wedi gwneud y daith fy hun ar gefn beic yn y gorffennol, felly yn gwybod yn iawn am yr holl elltydd yr oedd rhaid iddynt ddod  drostynt ar y ffordd, ac yn cydymdeimlo! 

*We are told that c £3000 has been raised by the cyclists for Air Ambulance Wales.