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The White Eagle this Valentines Day:







At the Ucheldre:

Running until 10th March there is an exhibition of work by the Monday Art Group – including our own Four Mile Bridge artist, Lel Shaw.

The star-studded and award nominated film, The Favourite, is showing on Wednesday 6th  and Friday 8th February at 5.30 and 8.00pm. And on Sunday 10th February at 3.30pm.

The next film coming to the Ucheldre is Colette, from 13th February.


Sefydlu Cwmni Ynni ar Ynys Môn

Mae Plaid Cymru wedi dadlau ers tro fod angen cwmni ynni arnom i Gymru. Mae’n dda gweld bod y Prif Weinidog wedi dechrau derbyn ein syniadau. O ystyried yr heriau economaidd yr ydym yn eu hwynebu ar Ynys Môn – a’r ffaith bod gennym hanes o ymchwil a chynhyrchu ynni – mae’n eithaf syml, dylai’r cwmni ynni hwn cael ei seilio ar Ynys Môn.

Establishing an Energy Company on Ynys Môn

Plaid Cymru has long argued that we need an energy company for Wales. It’s good to see that the First Minister has taken our idea on board. Now, given the economic challenges that we face on Anglesey – and the fact that we have a track record in research and production in energy, it’s quite simple, this energy company should be based on Anglesey.

Gemau’r Ynsoedd 2025

Mae yma un digwyddiad mawr ar y gweill i ni ar Ynys Môn – y cyfle i lwyfannu Gemau’r Ynysoedd yn 2025, ac yn diweddar cefais gyfle i godi’r mater yn siambr y Cynulliad. Mae hwn yn gyfle amhrisiadwy i Ynys Môn, a fydd yn hwb economaidd, a fydd yn annog iechyd, ffitrwydd a chwaraeon yn gyffredinol, ac yn gadael ei ôl a’i ddylanwad yma ym Môn am flynyddoedd lawer. Dylai’r Llywodraeth fod yn falch iawn o gefnogi digwyddiad o’r fath.

Island Games 2025

There is one major event in the pipeline for us on Ynys Môn—the opportunity to stage the Island Games in 2025, and I had the opportunity to raise this in the Assembly Chamber recently. This is a priceless opportunity for Anglesey, which will be an economic boost, which will be good for health, fitness and sports and leave a legacy for many years. This is an event that the Welsh Government should be very proud to support.

Plastic waste – UK throws away 295 billion pieces of plastic a year – most of it single use!

Plastic has been found in the digestive sysems of every single mammal involved in a study of dolphins, seals and whales living in British waters.  Scientists examined 50 marine creastures from 10 different species that had died.  ALL of them had microplastic particles – less than five millimetres across – in their stomachs and intestines.

The body of a young sperm whale wshed up in Spain was found to conain 64 lbs of plastic waste, which had killed it.

But it is not just what these sea mammals are eating.  It is the terribly cruel fate of some who get tangled in waste – this baby seal was found on the Norfolk coast being choked by discarded fishing net:

Rhoscolyn broadband

Yes, this is still on the agenda, with all sorts of possibilities being circulated.  Including a proposed community scheme about which more when it is finalised.

But what people sometimes don’t realise is that it may also be possible to get fast broadband by joining an independent provider (ie: getting your own personal service).  Here at Tan y Bryn, and other local properties we know of, we are now achieving speeds of up to and around 30mb – enough we believe to apply for a Welsh Assembly Government grant.

So the message is, don’t give up and watch this space – or just explore the options open.