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Rhoscolyn’s famous visitor!

Non other than heartthrob James Norton was in Rhoscolyn last month – he attended the wedding and after wedding party of Siobhan and Tom O’Brien.

Here he is with Fenton Hanbury (who took the selfie and the other picture):

Rhoscolyn Fun Run – Caro

This took place in July and was its second year.  Organised by Huw Roberts, Owain Roberts and Tom McCarthy, all of whom have connections to Rhocolyn and have been affected by cancer in their families, they set this up to raise fund for Cancer Research UK.

They take a circular route from the beach to Silver Bay, down Bodior/Fly Lane, up to the village hall, then on to the church and back to the beach via the Point and coastal path.

100 people of all ages – and their dogs –  took part.

BBQ & Farm Walk

On July 22nd Wil and Diana Roberts held a BBQ and farm walk at Gwêl Enlli, Rhoscolyn. About 45 people enjoyed a BBQ and had a walk (or trailer ride!) around the fields to see the Welsh Black cattle and the wild life.  (The picture above of the barn and barbecue are from Diana Roberts; those below and in the side bar are by Caro),

There were two speakers: Tim Lang, Professor of food policy in City University, London who spoke about the need to conserve our resources and eat a more sustainable diet (less meat!).   Simon Mills, Captain in charge of the commissioning of the Sir David Attenborough who gave a very interesting insight into the construction and capabilities of the ship.

A raffle of pottery made by Pat Kaye and her “students” raised  £150 bringing the total proceeds to £677. This has been divided between the North Wales Wildlife Trust and Rhoscolyn Church Hall.

With thanks to Diana and Wil Roberts for this report and of course for organising the event and raising funds.  It really is a fascinating place, and a wonderful event so we hope they will be organising another one.  We also hope that Wil will write something about his beautiful barn, which he had built  here, all from stone found on the site.  BUT beware:  The site is private property so don’t go wandering – there is also a bull there – you can see a photograph of it with the herd of Welsh Black cattle on the Nature page.  If you want to see it for youself, wait for the next Farm visit trip.

For this report in Welsh, and more photographs, see the sidebar.

Message from Rhun Ap Iorworth, AM

(see the sidebar for the English translation of Rhun’s message)

Rwy’n si?r ei bod wedi bod yn wythnosau nerfus i bobl ifanc ar draws Ynys Môn wrth iddynt ddisgwyl am eu canlyniadau arholiadau dros yr Haf. Llongyfarchiadau i bob un ohonynt am eu gwaith caled dros nifer o flynyddoedd a diolch yn fawr i athrawon a staff ysgolion Ynys Môn am eu cefnogaeth a’u hymroddiad gyda’r myfyrwyr. Gwelodd rai ysgolion ar yr ynys eu canlyniadau gorau erioed. Beth bynnag fo’r canlyniad, hoffwn ddymuno’r gorau i bobl ifanc wrth iddynt wneud penderfyniadau am eu dyfodol.

Roedd Sioe Môn yn llwyddiant mawr eto eleni. Mae’r Sioe bob amser yn gyfle da i atgoffa ein hunain o gymaint o bethau sydd gan Ynys Môn i’w chynnig – o gynnyrch bwyd a diod lleol gwych, i draethau cudd a safleoedd treftadaeth. Diolchaf i’r trefnwyr am eu gwaith eto eleni.

Llongyfarchiadau hefyd i drefnwyr y bore coffi yn Neuadd Gwenfaen yn ddiweddar.  Clywais fod paned a chacen gwerth chweil ar gael yno, a fod swm da wedi cael ei godi.

St Gwenfaen’s Open Church & Flower Festival

St Gwenfaen’s church received a lot of interested visitors during its August open days – including several couples who had been married there – two came on the exact anniversaries of their weddings, bringing their families with them.  Over the period of the opening, and the Flower Festival (see below) £116 was put into the collection box.

And over the August Bank Holiday long weekend they held a flower festival with some wonderful displays.  Here is a report about it from Susan Hanbury, with photographs here and in the side bar by her and Caro:

This year’s theme for St Gwenfaen’s Flower festival, ‘Summer in Rhoscolyn’ attracted a wonderful array of individual contributions, ranging from a delicately arranged tempting afternoon tea-tray, complete with iced cakes, to a full-window display featuring a model of Rhoscolyn NCI on its cliff-top lookout surrounded by vivid-blue hydrangeas for the sea below (see the NCI page for this one).

Many displays were vibrant in colour, depicting our unusually hot summer, also the weddings and a Christening held at our church this year. Some simple vases of flowers, photographs and drawings were placed by families with cherished memories of family members who have lived or holidayed here.

Some contributions showed how the summer had been spent for their designers; a garden boot with hedgerow flowers, a feather and some sheep’s wool, a yellow bike and Tour de Mon medal, plus rows of dinky cars replicating our often busy country lanes. A glass of wine perched precariously on sand alongside a photo of a slinky speed-boat beside some claret-coloured roses. Visitors peered, a little nervously at first, into the stunningly-decorated lobster pot, decked with fragrance-free seaweed, while on the shelves opposite, some simply-displayed peach-coloured rose heads rewarded the close onlooker with the perfect scent of summer. A magical painted toadstool invited special inspection and a group of books, some reading glasses and a couple of cushions with a vase of sunflowers suggested a relaxing time in some secret corner, a garden perhaps.

Near the lectern, a lovingly-assembled collection of painted pebbles tumbled across a grassy bank towards Borthwen Beach, complete with tiny vases of heathers and wild flowers. The hand-painted pebbles increased in number during the five days of the festival as people were encouraged to decorate their own pebbles and place them amongst the variety on display.

Among the individually-designed displays were simple baskets of flowers and foliage which Rhoscolyn has to offer this summer; all creating an earthy and wholesome atmosphere which was also enjoyed during the Songs of Praise led by the Archdeacon Andy Herrick who played some of the hymns on his guitar, while the organ was played by Sylvia Owen.

Thank you to all who helped in any way to create a special welcome at St Gwenfaen’s during the Flower Festival.   Susan Hanbury.

Bro Cybi – Holy Island Ministry Area

Some of you will remember the Revd Neil Ridings, who is returning to the Parish as Associate Priest.  He started his Diocesan curacy here many years ago and was a popular priest, remembered for being a “normal bloke” who preached “entertaining” sermons.  More about Neil in a future edition.