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Update on Holyhead marina from Caro Wilson

I recently went down to see howthings were getting on. They have a an inflatable barrage around the area to trap any debris and polystyrene while they salvage the stricken boats and yachts. These are being recovered and lifted out by crane and put on the wall on the breakwater side of the harbour. Its very sad to see so many boats linned up, some are totally destructed. There are also piles of polystyrene blocks and broken pontoons piled up .

Here are some of the wrecked boats being salvaged, and in the side bar you can see some more pictures  of other wrecks and debris, a lot of which arrived on many of the island’s beaches.

The White Eagle’s Craft Fair raised £45 towards Marina clean up

Here are some pictures taken by Adrienne of the event, where there were some really lovely crafts to buy – if she holds another one we strongly recommend you pay it a visit.

Damage to Rhoscolyn lanes

Following our report and photograph of the damage to the lane opposite Haulfren, running to Pentre Gwyddel estate and Silver Bay, no more has been heard about the proposal we had understood the council and police were considering putting a ban on over large and heavy vehicles using the lane.  Which is a shame, because while they make their considerations, far worse damage was caused to the beautiful and peaceful Lon Las, known to many as Bodior Lane, leading up to Borth Arian and Bryn y Bar.

The owners of Bodior Estate (and also of Silver Bay), or their tenant, arranged (presumably for financial gain) for PAR Contractors, who carry and dispose of digested abattoir waste, to carry this up the Bodior lane, run pipes into the fields on either side and discharged their tankers.  This must have amounted to hundreds of thousands of litres of stinking waste.



All these lanes, which are owned by the Council, are within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and are therefore protected, as are the cloddiau and hedgerows.  The Council Highways Department was not asked for permission, consulted, nor even told, about the alterations to the lanes, nor the deliveries, which happened many times a day over several weeks in March.

The Highways Department has told us they immediately instructed PAR to remove the carriageway crossing pipes (which has been done). They have also informed them that they will formally prosecute them if they fail to comply here, or anywhere else on Anglesey in the future.  They are also seeking recovery of full costs for all the damage caused to the edge of carriageway along the length of the entire lane and to ask colleagues in the AONB section whether they intend to take any action.   We have asked for more detail, in particular timing about all of this, but have not yet received a reply.

100 Years of women’s suffrage

All around the country women are meeting and processing to celebrate 100 years of women’ suffrage.  Diz Duncan sent us this poster about the processions and also creation of works of art.  See also pictures of her local artwork activities on the Gallery page.

More about Women’ Suffrage on the History page.  We don’t know what, if anything, is being done on Anglesey to mark this – so do let us know if you are aware of anything.