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This took place in the hall on Friday 29th September – along with very many others all across the UK in Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.  With the addition of Gift Aid the amount raised for Macmillan Cancer Care by Rhoscolyn will be increased by 25%!

Around 60 people came and everybody received some cake with unlimited cups of coffee for their entry ticket.  As well as this delicious array of cakes to choose from to go with the coffee,  many more had been baked and donated to sell for the charity – Susan Hanbury ran this store:

Anglesey crafts people provided items to sell, giving 20″ of their sales to the Macmillan’s fund – some generously waiving their 80% to give the whole amount.  Carol Wilson ran this stall (below). And in the background you can see the Josie Russell artwork that was sold in a closed auction contributing £272 to the total amount raised.

Huw Jones had kindly offered some specially prepared Rhoscolyn paintings, all the profit for which he donated to the cause.  Below we see Caro Wilson trying to choose one!  There were just two left over which you can still buy for the special price of £70, all of which will go to Macmillan.

Peter O’Brien made a very moving speech about Macmillan Cancer Care and what it stands for, encouraging people to spend even more than they had already done so – which they did with a rush towards cakes, crafts and paintings!  He also provided two trout to sell which he had caught that week, smoked and packed himself – you can see Ian Walker holding one in the margin picture, along with others taken at the show. Peter also called the raffle – you can see some of the prizes on the right.