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New Sight & Sound in the Skies Over Us!

A milestone was reached recently at RAF Valley, with the arrival of two brand new training aircraft. The two Texan T6C advanced turboprops – manufactured by Textron Aviation Incorporated in the United States – are part of a planned fleet of 10 that is set to deliver Basic Flying Training (BFT) at RAF Valley for RAF and Royal Navy pilots from 2019.

Their arrival represents a further development in the delivery of the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS).  The UKMFTS is a partnership between the UK Ministry of Defence and Ascent Flight Training Ltd which will replace the current military flying training system with a modern training system that is better-equipped to meet the needs of the next generation of front-line aircraft operated by the UK Armed Forces.

What we Shouldn’t be Seeing in the Skies Over Rhoscolyn!

A Station Flight Safety Officer at Anglesey’s RAF airbase has alerted the public to new legislation concerning drone flying:  The new laws regarding the operation of the small unmanned aircraft came into force on 13th March.

North Wales has four aerodromes covered by the new legislation and there are protected areas around RAF Valley and RAF Mona (see diagram below). A large number of military aircraft operate as low as 250ft in North Wales and drone opertors are being warned to be “mindful” of the presence of these craft and to remain well clear at all times.  To obtain permsion to operate a clone close to RAF Valley or RAF Mona, contact Air Traffic Control on 01407 762241 ex 7288.

From our AM, Rhun ap Iorwerth

Ymosodiadau ar Dda Byw / Livestock Attacks:

Ar ôl clywed eto am ymosodiadau angheuol ar ddefaid ac ?yn yma ym Môn, rydw i wedi galw ar y Llywodraeth i neilltuo amser ar gyfer dadl er mwyn galw am ddeddfwriaeth newydd sy’n rhoi mwy o amddiffyniad i dda byw.  Mae angen mwy o bwerau ar yr heddlu i ymateb i ymosodiadau yn fwy effeithiol.

Having heard again about fatal attacks on sheep and lambs here in Anglesey, I have called on the Government to make time for a debate to call for a new legislation that gives more protection to livestock.  The police need more powers to respond to attacks more effectively.

These lucky (?) sheep survived a dog attack. It was the least horrific picture we could find to illustrate Rhun’s piece.  Believe it or not, a local farmer has told us of seagulls biting out the tongues of newborn lambs.  How horrific is that?

Cnocio Drysau / Knocking on Doors:

left to right: Rhun ap Iorwerth, Jamie Thomas, Hazel Wilson, Ken Taylor

Cefais brynhawn bendigedig yn y Fali brynhawn dydd Gwener y 29ain o Fawrth efo criw Plaid Cymru Cangen Alaw/Cybi yn Cnocio Drysau, pamffledu a rhannu fy Adroddiad Blynyddol ac yn siarad gydag etholwyr i’w hatgoffa mod i yma iddyn nhw trwy gydol y flwyddyn – ac nid dim ond pan mae hi’n gyfnod etholiad!

I had a wonderful afternoon in Valley on Friday afternoon 29th of March, with the Plaid Cymru Alaw/Cybi crew knocking on doors, and leafleting, and sharing my Annual Report and talking to constituents to remind them that I am here for them all year round – not just when it’s an election period!

(See the sidebar for Rhun’s piece about a nuclear waste consultation)

Historical rubbish – pictured by Caro Wilson

Yes – it really is an old boot!

After the winter winds and gales some of “old  Rhoscolyn” has been washed by water, removing more of the surface of decomposing rusted metals that have trapped many interesting items from byegone days. New pieces of crockery, glass bottles and the odd boot and old tap surface but are still embedded in the ferous mass. Not safe to walk on because I think it may be unstable these items must be admired from the safety of the rocks.


See the sidebar for more from Caro about the plague of plastics invading our beaches, and one of the litter picks she has taken part in.

Balloons are the deadliest pollution for seabirds

Balloons – party favourites – are the single most dangerous type of marine pollution for seabirds, research has found. The study, by the University of Tasmania,  found that although they only comprise a small fraction of debris found in the sea, balloons have a catastrophic effect on wildlife because they are particularly hard to digest.  Friends of the Earth say that ballooons, which are especially attractive to foraging sea birds because from the air they resemble squid, ballons escape into the environment because people fill them up with helium and just let them go.  DON’T!

Some more recent rubbish

Caro also gave us this report and pictures of a recent litter picking exercise at Porth y Garen (Lily Pond Bay):

Approx 15 people turned up to help. There were lots of small pieces of polystyrene, thought to originate from the Holyhead Marina disaster last year. It just keeps being washed in, even after all this time!

Plastic, large and small pieces, are a never ending story, and sadly syringes are often a feature in our finds. I found two on this pick, luckily without needles in them (not always the case), both found on the tide line so washed in  from the sea.

A pregnant sperm whale was found dead on the coast of Sardinia.  She was carrying 22kg (48lbs) of plastic in her stomach. She would have been unable to nourish her foetus due to the dangerous amount of plastic she had swallowed.

See the sidebar if you want to find out how YOU can help combat this never ending problem.