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Farewell to an icon – last flight of the Tornados

Picture courtesy of the Press Association

I wonder how many of you saw the flypast of the Tornado’s – giving their final salute over RAF Valley as they embarked on a three-day tour around the UK?  Hundreds did turn out, in spite of the cold – we did, and it was quite a (fleeting) moment.

RAF Valley was chosen for one of the fly pasts as it had provided a base for pilots to train in the Tornado aircraft for many years.

If you are a jet buff, see the History page for more about the Tornado.


Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus iawn i chi! (Have a happy St.David’s day!)

Rydw i ar ymweliad Seneddol yn Affrica gyda’r Llywydd yr wythnos hon yn rhinwedd fy rol fel Cadeirydd Cangen Cymru o Gymdeithas Seneddol y Gymanwlad.

Tra mewn cyfarfodydd yn Senedd Botswana cymerais y cyfle I gyflwyno copi o lyfr Alffi a’r ddraig – stori hyfryd wedi ei selio ar Fynydd Cybi, Ynys Mon, i’r Dirprwy Lefarydd, Kagiso Molatlhegi.

I’m on a Parliamentary visit to Africa with the Llywydd this week in my role as Chair of the Wales branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

It was a pleasure to present a copy of the book, Alfie and the Dragon – a brilliant story based on Ynys Môn’s very own Holyhead Mountain to the Deputy Speaker Kagisto Molatlhegi during meetings in the National Assembly for Botswana.

Dylai Llywodraeth Cymru fod yn falch o gefnogi bid Gemau’r Ynysoedd 2025.

Mae yna ddigwyddiad mawr ar y gweill i ni ar Ynys Môn – y cyfle i gynnal Gemau’r Ynysoedd yn 2025. Mae pwyllgor gweithredol rhyngwladol Gemau’r Ynysoedd yn gefnogol iawn o’n cynlluniau ac rwy’n ddiolchgar iawn iddyn nhw am hynny. Byddwn yn cyflwyno ein cais terfynol mewn ychydig wythnosau, felly mae hi’n amser tyngedfennol arnom rwan.

Mae’r Cyngor Sir a Adran digwyddiadau mawr Llywodraeth Cymru hefyd yn gefnogol, a rydym yn edrych ymlaen at weithio mewn partneriaeth â’r Gweinidog presennol, Eluned Morgan, dros y blynyddoedd i ddod, wrth i 2025 agosau.

Mae’n gyfle amhrisiadwy i Ynys Môn, bydd yn hwb economaidd, a bydd yn annog iechyd, ffitrwydd a chwaraeon yn gyffredinol, ac yn gadael ei ôl a’i ddylanwad yma ym Môn am flynyddoedd lawer. Dylai’r Llywodraeth fod yn falch iawn o gefnogi digwyddiad o’r fath.

The Welsh Government should be proud of supporting the 2025 Island Games bid.
There is a huge event ahead of us on Anglesey – the opportunity to host the Island Games in 2025. The international Games Committee of the Island Games is very supportive of our plans and I am very grateful to them. We will submit our final bid in a few weeks, so it’s a crucial time for us now.
The County Council and Department of the great events of the Welsh Government are also supportive, and we look forward to working in partnership with the current Minister, Eluned Morgan, over the coming years, as 2025 is approaching.
It is an invaluable opportunity for Anglesey, it will be an economic boost, and will generally encourage health, fitness and sport, and leave its influence here on Anglesey for many years. The Government should be very proud of supporting such an event

The plague of plastic – from Caro Wilson

It saddens me that after the winter storms we always have an invasion of plastic, blown in from out at sea.

These smaller pieces, micro plastic and nurdles (the small rounded bits in a variety of colours) are almost impossible to retrieve unless you use a sieve. It is this that our seabirds and fish ingest, and the residue of which is now been found in the eggs of seabirds far in the North Arctic. Proof that the chemicals in plastic is being passed on to the next generation. The effect of this on animals has yet to be seen or determined but is it is already known that plastics affect fertility. One wonders what the outcome will be on us humans in the future – sobering thoughts.

If you collect plastic and detritus off the beach and leave it by the bins in the carpark leave the bag OPEN so the bin collectors can see it is not just dumped household refuse. They will then take it away. See the sidebar for another picture of some of the ghastly detritus picked up from Borthwen beach.