Daffodils for St David’s Day

Picture taken by Humphrey Knowles yesterday

And don’t forget to support the Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal – buy one of their badges when you see someone collecting – they do such a lot of good:

The first Rhoscolyn lambs?

Caro spotted these early twin lambs near the Lookout on 17th February – they are approximately one to two hours old.

Some more lovely Spring flowers:

Snowdrops in Penrhos woods – Caro
Cherry blossom from Humphrey Knowles

Marsh Harrier

Jo spotted this Marsh Harrier flying over an Anglesey marsh in February. The largest of the raptors, it can fly at a slow speed of 20mph, which makes hunting their prey such as frogs, small reptiles and birds, easier.   Some migrate to West Africa but others are lazier and stay in the UK.

Animals in danger

The Scottish wildcat has been revealed to be the UK’s most endangered mammal.  Here are some more threatened species:

Natterjack toad – one of only two species of toad in the UK; hedgehog – which we wrote about last month; turtle dove – it has suffered a catastrophic 97% decline since 1970 and is now only found in some areas of southern and eastern England.