Another murmuration of starlings!

We’ve featured a few murmurations of starlings – a very curious sight that fills our skies in the Autumn.  Often they form what seems to be a deliberate picture – this time of a hare! Not from round here, but if anyone DOES see a strangely formed murmuration do send us a picture.


Rhoscolyn was almost cut off during the really bad rain storms last month and much the same is happening as I write this – in fact if you drive a low slung car then you ran the risk of floating! Jo took this picture for us:

Caro’s beachcombing!

Caro is a great beachcomber – here are some of her most recent findings (from left to right, top to bottom, a spindle,  a rough periwinkle,  3 common whelks and 3 sting welks ):

…and a Golden Lions Mane Jellyfish


We’ve had some beautiful rainbows here this Autumn – the upside of being lured out by a sunny morning only to get soaked by a sudden downpour!  Gerrit Forrester took this shot:

Golden Gorse and ragwort

By Caspar Verney and Caro left and right respectively.  I have to admit that lovely as it is I have a great aversion to ragwort as it is poisonous to donkeys (and otherr livestock) so we are very careful to pull it up throughout the year when it appears in our fields. But gorse is great – as we all know: When gorse is in flower, kissing is in season!


Also from Caro – a red squirrel spotted at Plas Nwydd

Dead whale contained 115 plastic cups

A dead sperm whale washed ashore in eastern Indonesia had 115 plastic drinking cups and a pair of flip flops in its stomach, highlighting concerns about the amount of plastic being dumped in the World’s oceans.  Shocking!