One very happy seal from Caro …..

… and one from Shirley Reekie:

With what look like two cormorants in the background.

More of Caro’s wild flowers

Dog eyed daisies

White campion and stonecrop

Rock rose and ragged robin

Only months to protect our rare birds

This is the dire warning last month  from RSPB chief, Michael Clarke.  He was warning of a devastating loss of wildlife if three new parliamentary bills do not rein in farming practices. He says they have only 12 months to rescue Britain’s degraded environment and to save it endangered birds and animals.  “We are on a cusp, and if we fail to act decisively we will pay the price in coming years,” Clarke told the Observer newspaper.  He was referring to three forthcoming bills – on agriculture, on fisheries and on the environment – which will replace he EU legislation that currently controls our farming, fishing industry and the quality of our air, water and wildlife.  Clarke continued”Since 1980, across Europe 420 million individual birds have disappeared from the countryside…”  He says that, for example, turtle doves that were once widespread in the UK have declined in numbers by more than 90% since the 1980s.

If you see one of these rare turtle doves report it to the RSPB.