Wildlife photographer, Gerald Robinson, captured these kingfishers ignoring the rules. The RSPB says that kingfishers eat at least their own bodyweight in fish every day!
(with thanks to the Daily Telegraph)

Return of eagles to Snowdonia?


Golden and white-tailed eagles, which were once common in Wales, could return for the first time since the 1850s under a conservation project in Snowdonia (Eryri in Welsh, meaning eagle’s nest). Researchers at Cardiff University believe that reintroducing the raptors could help ensure the future survival of the species.  Ecological feasibility studies are under way to assess habitat suitability, prey density as well as human disturbance and predicted breeding sites.

Who knows, we may see them soaring over Rhoscolyn one of these days!

7 for a surprise you must be careful not to miss!

…. so look out Caro (who took this picture!

Actually, we think thee could be an eleventh magpie lurking behind the chimney pot – which would make them all for Caro’s health, which she might prefer!

And some more of Caro’s nature pictures:

Snowdrops at Penrhos

Sanderlings and a tawny owl (which is very special indeed)


Spotted on Borthwen beach in late January:

Otter population revival (See sidebar)

baby otters holding hands – Tom Clark