Nature Watch

Portuguese man-o’-war alert!

In an average year, 1000 to 1500 sightings of Portuguese man-of-war are  reported on British shores, but more than 2000 have been spotted in the UK already this year.  So far they have mostly been seen on the South coast but have now been reported in Pembrokeshire.  They have been brought in at an unusual time of year, due to the extreme weather the UK has been suffering.  Swimmers are being advised to cover up and exercise extreme caution.  They ae not actually jellyfish although they resemble them. They have purple tentacles that can reach up to 32 ft in length.  The Marine Conservation Society are asking people to report sightings – to

Apparently there is also a world wide problem with an increase in  jellyfish numbers which are killing off fish supplies, shutting down power stations and have incapacitated a US nuclear warship.  And of course they have a negative impact on tourism.

Another lucky rainbow over Rhoscolyn – this time from Caspar Verney

We were told as children to make a wish if you could seethe end of the rainbow!

Sign of a hard winter coming

A good berry crop indicates a hard winter ahead – to help the birds get through it.  Here Caro has photographed some from around Rhoscolyn:

Hawthorn and honeysuckle

Ivy (flowers and berries) and rose hips

And some pretty flowers also from Caro

Late flowering honeysuckle

Toadflax and pink yarrow