Venus at dawn

Can you spot Venus in this picture from Susan Hanbury?

She is more or less centre page, just below the longest tree branches

Gordon our Rhoscolyn goat enjoying the sun

Caro Wilson

Some wonderful bird pictures from Jo …

Top: Great Tit with a Blue Tit; bottom, Blue Tit and Robin.  See the sidebar for Jo’s woodpecker picture..

And here is a starling, apparently turning on a tap!

One in five mammal species in Britain “is at risk of extinction”

Almost one in five mammal species living in Britain is at risk of extinction in the near future – with red squirrels, wildcats and grey long-eared bats particularly vulnerable, the most comprehensive review ever undertaken of the country’s 58 non-human terrestrial mammal species reveals.  A threatening “cocktail” of habitat loss, climate change, pesticides, invasive species and busy roads is wiping out the creatures in increasing numbers.

Also particularly hard hit have been hedgehogs and water voles, losing an estimated two thirds of their populations in the past two decades, according to a joint report for the Mammal Society and Naural England.

There are, however, some species that are bucking the trend (see sidebar).