“Save hedgehog” campaign to put up road signs

We have previously talked here about the declining number of hedgehogs in the UK.  Hundreds and hundreds are killed on the roads, so warning signs ae going to be put up on British roads as the Government seeks to tackle the problem.  Here are two examples:

But here is one that is alive and well and living in Four Mile Bridge:

Photo by Gerrit Forrester

Our absolutely favourite cattle – the Welsh Blacks

Photographed for us in Rhoscolyn by Humphrey Knowles.  Spot the lighter coloured brown cow and calf in the background.

Is that a mouse whistling or a jet engine?

Mice make whistling noises to seek mates or for territorial defence, by using a mechnism similar to that of a jet engine inside their throats!  It was previously thought that these “Clangers” style songs were either the result of a mechanism similar to that of a tea kettle, or of the resonance caused by the vibration of the vocal cords.  In fact they make the sound, never before found in any animal, by pointing a small air jet coming from the windpipe against the inner wall of larynx, causing a resonance and producing an ultrasonic whistle!

 A plague on clothes moths

Lovely though the majority of moths are, clothes moths really are a nightmare.  They always seem to choose the best clothes to feed on, leaving their horrid holes – cashmere, silk, wool.  Lavender is a good deterrant by he way.  But if anyone else out there has another suggestion, for a natural remedy as opposed to chemicals, do let us know.