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Idris Hanbury

Idris may have had other names in previous lives, but Idris is the name this (rather large) ginger-Tom responds to when his family call him for supper; not that Idris needs much encouragement to browse his food bowl.

Idris has lived with his doting servants at Haulfryn for three years now. He chose his home carefully; the occupiers totally mesmerised by the appearance of this endearing cat who performed acrobatic rolls to capture their attention and hey presto…it worked! Tasty saucers of food were offered for his inspection and in a matter of days, Idris had decided to move in to his new home.

No one is quite sure where Idris came from , apparently he’d been scavenging around a couple of neighbours’ homes and in one house, he’d regularly been found to have jumped through the kitchen window, clearing the cat’s food and finishing off by lobbing a few punches at the resident cat.

Idris’s likes:

Fresh food in his bowl and Sheba cat crunchies, a warm, comfy spot for endless cat-naps; in the conservatory, in front of the coal fire or a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden, scratching carpets or sofas, the newer the better, much to the annoyance of the human house guests, climbing trees and garden structures, not always as sure-footedly as he used to be, due to lack of concentration and possibly, weight-gain. Idris also gains brownie points for patrolling the garden, chasing the occasional mouse or fly and critically, staring menacingly at the boundary walls, should there be a larger rodent in the vicinity.

Idris’s dislikes:

Wet, windy weather; dogs of any description; sudden noises; being “ambushed” whenhe rolls over and shows his fluffy tummy; absence of his people; an empty food bowl; and lastly, slippers anywhere near him!