Well, this has definitely been a very doggy edition – and here in the sidebar we have pictures from the White Eagle’s dog show in August. So we thought we would have a donkey here to balance things out a bit!

Donkey noses!

As you can see, Aggie has a lovely nose, albeit a bit pink at the end. It is an unfortunate fact of donkey life that if you have a pink, hairless nose, you get sun burn. And even worse than that you get BUTTERCUP NOSE in the summer because the flowers give off a toxic juice that burns the skin.
So we have to anoint Aggie with sun screen every day, rain or sunshine.

This it the last Pet page for the time being

As we have not been getting pet tales and pictures and we think people must be very bored with seeing and reading about our diverse selection of animals and birds we are giving it a rest. But if you get sudden inspiration to send us something about your pet then we can always resurrect the page!