Pet Tale – Dwynwen the donkey

Ruth Stronge runs Snowdonia Donkeys (see the side bar to find out more). Here she is telling the tale of Dwynwen, one of their homed donkeys:

In autumn 2017 Snowdonia Donkeys was approached by a family to see if they could help an elderly relative who lived on Anglesey. The relative had become ill and could no longer look after a donkey they owned. After an initial assessment (and a chase around the field) Dwynwen became part of Snowdonia Donkeys team working and walking with people in the beautiful countryside of North Wales


Dwynwen loves Saturday mornings when the young people who attend Clwb Sadwrn (Saturday Club) take time to brush her and learn how to look after her and her friends.  After a good brush Dwynwen will celebrate her clean and tidy coat by rolling in the dry dust or fresh sawdust!  Here she is with Esme, one of our members:

You can see Dwynwen enjoying another of her favourite things in the side bar.


When Dwynwen was bought from the horse market by her previous owner her hooves had not been very well looked after or trimmed properly. Although she now has proper hoof care and a balanced diet, Dwynwen sometimes dislikes it when people pick up her feet to clean out her hooves.

Like most donkeys Dwynwen dislikes the rain. Donkeys coasts are not waterproof like horses but Dwynwen dislikes wearing a waterproof rug so when it’s raining, she will walk back to the field shelter and wait there for the rain to stop. 

Finest hour

Since being part of Snowdonia Donkeys Dwynwen has been involved in many new and exciting activities. She has made a new donkey friend, Molly, been part of Snowdonia Donkeys’ Christmas fundraising at Fron Goch garden centre in Caernarfon and even visited a nursing home to share the  Christmas celebrations with the residents.

Dwynwen with Molly


Dwynwen is a relaxed little donkey who is quite satisfied with her new life at Snowdonia Donkeys. She enjoys people visiting her at Ffarm Moelyci and will stand for hours to be brushed. Although she has taken part in a local donkey show she only came fourth in the class she entered. Her ambition is to win a first-place rosette at this year’s show in August!!