by Issy

r: Evie; l: Elsie

I arrived at my new home in Hartford all the way from Cornwall a few weeks ago.
I am being cared for by Issy and her family and have a new friend Evie, who like myself is a ragdoll cat.

I am nearly 3 months old and love to play with my toys and also Evies tail.
Evie spends alot of time washing me all over and I get a bit wet and have to go and sit by the radiator to dry off.

My favourite pastime is play fighting, and I like to eat grown up cat food when no one is looking. But they say it is not good for me.

I don’t like having to go to the vets, they stuck a needle in me last time!!

My aspiration is to grow up as big as Evie and also hopefully move to a bigger house where there is more room to run around and play

With thanks to Issy for this lovely tale of her two cats.  If you have a pet you would like to tell us about then do please get in touch – mail to the link on the Contact Page.