June Gallery

You have done well with the theme this month – Buds, Buddies or Budding.  Here are three creative ones and you can see more through the Gallery link below.

This one is from Humphrey Knowles, showing Sheila and buddy Simon Mills with his simply beautiful 2012 Ducati:
One from Caro:
And this one from Nick Jones:

And here is the Gallery (allow it a moment or two to kick in):

The next theme is BREAK – could be breaking, dancing, broken or, of course, breakers. Please save your pictures as Jpgs (see how below if you don’t know how) and send to us using the link on the CONTENT page marking your email “July Gallery.”

Saving as jpgs:

You should be able to do this as you save your photographs from your camera to your computer photograph files.  But if not, there are several free on line programmes that can do it for you.  Or you can use a very useful (free) programme called Gimp.  And another, called Paint, can do all sorts of other useful things with your pictures, like adapting the colour, shape, size.

What we cannot use is photographs that are embedded in the body copy of your email.  They must be jpg attachments.

Naming your photographs:

Try and do this if you can – it really is easy and is extremely helpful to me as the last thing I want to do is credit someone else with your pictures!  When you have your jpg ready, before you pick it up to send, right click on it and you should find an option to “rename” – type over what is there with your name and picture subject.


PLEASE PLEASE  name your pictures on the jpg before you send it – your name and what the picture is if not obvious.  In the subject of your email put the page the picture is for. If you want to know how to save your your pictures as Jpgs or to name your photos as you save them, there are guidelines on the Gallery page.  It really does help me, as I get hundreds  and there is always the risk of attributing yours to the wrong person!