Rhoscolyn has a fascinating history, with its patron saint, Gwenfaen, first making her home and church here in 630 AD. Some say that the druids’ last stand against the Romans, who invaded Mona (Anglesey) in 60 or 61 AD, was at Cymyran, the inland sea between Mona and Holy Island and the open sea, south of Four Mile Bridge.  Anglesey itself also has a very interesting history.

Alfred Williams

Alfred (Alf) Williams was a well known local character here in Rhoscolyn back in the day.  He and his lovely wife Maude (whom he met when she was evacuated here as a land girl from Liverpool in the last war) lived in Ty Gwyn Bach – a cottage next to Ty Gwyn which has now been replaced by a new house.

He had been a sailor as you can see from this handsome photograph, and he also worked on the Dublin ferry boats.  His family (father, Owen Williams) were  from Holyhead – where there are still quite a few family members we are told.

One of my earliest childhood memories here in Rhoscolyn is of Alf spinning a ball so high into the sky that it completely disappeared before descending with a crash – magic!

I was reminded of this when I heard via Gillian Helmsley, a big supporter and  contributor to this website, that an Irish relative of Alf’s,  Pat McManus, had been in touch with her through Facebook. He was wanting to find out about his family over here.

We know that he was born on 21st May 1925 in Holyhead and died 19th September 1985 at Ty Gwyn Bach, Maude then went to live in Four Mile Bridge.   Both are buried in St Gwenfaen’s grave yard*.

And that is about all we have at the moment, so if anyone reading this remembers Alf and can tell his Irish family any more about him, do let us know and we will put you in touch – use the link on the CONTACT page.

*Alf and Maude’s grave is on north side of the church.  Susan Hanbury, who took this picture for us and also remembers Alf, says he was known to be one of the strongest men in Rhoscolyn and that he worked as a builder.  And he was a member of the Coastguard Search and Rescue Team.