Seals & their young

We make no apology for featuring seals again as they are such a lovely and popular sight around Borthwen Bay and off the cliffs. Sadly, as some of you may have seen, a young seal pup was washed up on Bothwen beach. Whether it died there having been swept in, or whether it was already dead we don’t know. We do know that a lot of sea mammal deaths are being reported, including many seals. Often the deaths are caused by the ingestion of plastic found out at sea. DO be careful about leaving plastic to be washed out, or dropping it from boats. It is a very cruel and horrible way to die.
But these happy seals photographed by Caro were all flourishing we are pleased to say:

having a nap

These goats are now a familiar sight on our headland and rocks:

Ruth Allington

Newcomer at Anglesey Sea Zoo

Juvenile spiny lobsters have been successfully reared for the first time through a captive breeding and rearing programme at Anglesey Sea Zoo.
The European Spiny Lobster, or Crayfish, known locally in Wales as Cimwch Coch, was once common around the coast of Anglesey but is now rarely seen due to over fishing in the 1980’s. The plan is to release them throughout the programme to contribute to the wild population.